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Walnut: Warm, sweet, effects kidney and lungs, kidney tonic lubricates intestines, astringes jing(life essence).


Chestnut: Warm sweet, stomach and kidney tonic, circulates blood and stops bleeding.


Peanut: Neutral, sweet, effects stomach and lung, qi and blood tonic, lubricates lungs, harmonizes stomach.


Peanut Oil: Neutral, sweet, qi and blood tonic, lubricates intestines, pushes accumulations downward.


Almond: Neutral, sweet, effects lungs, qi and blood tonic, lubricates lungs, relieves cough, transforms phlegm, lowers rebellious qi(hiccup, acid reflux, belching).



Cottonseed: Hot, pungent, spleen and kidney tonic, arrests bleeding, stops spleen qi sinking(organ prolapse).


Sunflower Seeds: Warm and neutral, sweet and bland, effects liver and large intestine, stops diarrhea, facilitates eruption of measles, subdues liver.


Pine Nut: Warm, sweet, effects lung, large intestine and liver, lubricates lung and large intestine, stops cough, qi, yang and blood tonic, promotes fluids, moves stagnant blood, expels cold and wind.


Dill Seed: Warm, pungent, effects spleen and kidney, qi and yang tonic, moves stagnant blood, regulates qi, expels cold, harmonizes stomach.


Fennel Seed: Warm, pungent, effects stomach, urinary bladder and kidneys, qi and yang tonic, moves stagnant blood, regulates qi, expels cold, harmonizes stomach.


Bitter Apricot Seed: Warm, pungent and bitter, effects the lungs and large intestine, stops cough, relieves asthma, lubricates intestines.


Sweet Apricot Seed: Warm, pungent and sweet, effects the lungs, large intestine and spleen, spleen qi tonic, lubricates intestines, stops cough.


Sesame Seed: Slightly warm, sweet, liver and kidney tonic, lubricates intestines, “blackens” grey hair, general tonic.


Black Sesame Seed: Neutral, sweet, liver and kidney tonic.


Cherry Seed: Neutral, bitter and pungent, effects large intestine, promotes measles eruption, detoxifies.


Lotus Seed: Neutral, sweet and harsh, spleen, heart and kidney tonic, qi and blood tonic, constricts the intestines.


Sesame Oil: Cool, sweet, effects the stomach, detoxifies, lubricates dryness, promotes bowel movement, produces muscles.



Glutinous rice: Warm, sweet, effects spleen, stomach and lung, spleen qi tonic.


Malt: Slightly warm, sweet, effects the spleen and stomach, promotes digestion.


White Rice: Neutral, sweet, effects spleen and stomach, spleen qi tonic.


Rice Bran: Neutral, sweet and pungent, effects stomach and large intestine, descends energy.


Rye: Neutral, bitter, dries dampness, diuretic.


Whole Wheat: Cool, sweet, effects heart, spleen, and kidney, heart and kidney tonic.


Wheat Bran: Cool, sweet, effects stomach, cools stomach fire.


Buckwheat: Cool, sweet, effects large intestine, stomach, and spleen, qi and blood tonic, clears heat and sedates yang.


Job’s Tears: Cool, sweet, effects spleen, lung, and kidney, detoxifies, spleen and lung qi tonic, diuretic.


Barley: Cool, sweet and salty, effects spleen and stomach, regulates stomach, expands intestines, promotes urination.


Millet: Cool, sweet and salty, effects stomach, spleen and kidneys, qi and blood tonic, clears heat, lubricates dryness, tonifies yin, benefits digestion detoxifies.

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