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Medical massage therapy is a highly effective natural treatment for many orthopedic problems. Like acupuncture, it manipulates blood and lymph flow, muscle tissues, and chemical release of endorphins to treat pain of all types, especially for sports injuries and musculoskeletal/neuroskeletal issues. Medical massage therapy works in conjunction with mental healing, stimulating endorphins, and causing relaxation and stress relief that allow your body to better heal itself.




A medical massage therapist will work the soft tissues of the body, which helps the flow of all systems – circulatory, respiratory, nervous, lymphatic, skeletal, and muscular. The purpose of increasing the efficiency and activeness of these systems is to allow the body to heal itself, and become more immune to future complications.


Medical massage therapy is used to treat pain in almost any area of the body, along with mental ailments and other physical problems.


Orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions where medical massage therapy can be beneficial may include:


-Athletic Injuries


-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-Muscular tensions/spasms/pain

-Back pain

-Degenerative Discs




-Frozen shoulder


-Muscular Dystrophy



Other medical conditions where medical massage therapy is used as part of a treatment plan include:





-Multiple Sclerosis






For your preliminary visit, the medical massage therapist will ask you questions about your physical health, lifestyle, and mental state, to asses just what type of therapy would work for you. Medical massage sessions may be accompanied by music to relax the body and allow for maximum effectiveness, and oils and lotions that aid in soothing muscles, easing tension, and reducing friction on the skin. As in acupuncture, the medical massage therapist will work not only on alleviating physical ailments, but also on easing mental stress, causing you to become more in tune with your body and allowing it to better heal itself and function better.




Different types of medical massage therapies may be used to treat different ailments.


Swedish Massage – this type of medical massage utilizes oils and lotions with long strokes to improve blood circulation, relaxing and helping muscles heal.


Neuromuscular Massage – this type of medical massage targets specific muscles and uses deep tissue techniques to release tension of trigger points. It is used to treat pain in particular muscles.


Sports Massage – this medical massage type is focused on the trigger points athletes need for performance and recovery from training.


Acupressure – this medical massage type applies pressure to acupuncture points, using touch rather than needles to channel “Qi” (energy that fuels our body and mind) in the area.


Deep Tissue Massage – this type of medical massage uses more pressurized massages to target deeper layers of muscle that cause chronic pain.




-Always communicate with your therapist

-Don’t eat large meals before sessions.

-Wear loose clothing.

-Refrain from overexertion, drugs, and alcohol six hours before and after.

-Keep all of your appointments since they build upon each other.

-Maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of sessions.