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Beef: Neutral, sweet, effects spleen and stomach, qi and blood tonic.

Lamb: Warm, sweet, effects stomach and kidneys, qi tonic, warms interior.

Ham: Warm, salty, stomach qi tonic, produces fluids, subdues rebellious qi(hiccup, acid reflux).

Pork: Neutral, sweet and salty, effects stomach, spleen, kidneys, lubricates dryness (slightly cold).


Shrimp: Warm, sweet, kidney yang tonic.

Eel: Warm, sweet, effects liver, stomach, kidney, qi tonic, treats bi syndrome (cold pain in the joints) strengthens bone.

Mussel: Warm, salty effects liver and kidney, treats simple goiters.

Abalone: Neutral, sweet and salty, detoxifies, sharpens vision.

Shark: Neutral, sweet and salty, effects stomach, tonifies qi, blood and yin, lubricates dryness, reduces swelling, tonifies 5 zang(kidneys, spleen, liver, heart, lungs).

Carp: Neutral, sweet, effects stomach and spleen , facilitates water passage, promotes milk secretion, heals swelling.

Cutterfish: Neutral, salty, effects liver and kidney, blood tonic, sharpens vision.

Oyster: Neutral, sweet and salty, blood tonic.

Oyster Shell: Cool, salty, effects liver and kidney, stops sweating, astringes jing(life essence), softens hardness.

Saltwater Clam: Cold, salty, effects stomach, promotes water passage, eliminates phlegm, softens hardness.

Freshwater Clam: Cold, sweet and salty, effects liver and kidney, detoxifies, sharpens vision.

Crab: Cold, salty, effects liver and stomach, activates blood, cools heat sensations, facilitates recovery of dislocations.

Kelp: Cold, salty, effects stomach, softens hardness, facilitates water passage.

Seaweed: Cold, salty, softens hardness, eliminates phlegm, promotes water passage.


Duck: Neutral, sweet and salty, effects lung and kidney, facilitates water passage, reduces swelling.

Chicken: Warm, sweet, effects spleen and stomach, qi tonic, warms interior.


Milk: Neutral, sweet, affects heart, effects lungs and stomach, lungs and stomach tonic, produces fluids and lubricates the intestines.

Butter: Warm, sweet, yang, qi and blood tonic, circulates blood.


Chicken Egg: Neutral, sweet, blood tonic, lubricates dryness.

Egg White: Cool, sweet, detoxifies, lubricates lungs, cools hot sensations, benefits throat.

Egg Yolk: Neutral, sweet, effects heart and kidneys, blood tonic, lubricates dryness.

Eggshell: Checks gastric acid, arrests bleeding.